Making Sense
Making Sense while eating poetry with AI

Dive into a world where poetry dances with the brilliance of AI. 

"Making Sense - while eating poetry with AI" is not your average poetic collection; it's a journey into the heart of human emotions, harmonising with the analytical prowess of advanced AI. Inspired by nature's intricate patterns and mathematics, the poems capture deep-seated emotions, seamlessly intertwined with AI's insights. Discover the profound understanding AI offers, from soulful introspection to riveting societal dialogues. Every poem in this volume, originally penned in Italian, has been infused with the precision of Chat GPT, reshaping traditional literary norms. Beyond just words, this collaboration explores the vast frontiers of emotions, technology, and their symbiotic evolution. As you flip each page, witness an unprecedented melding of human creativity and AI's acuity, beckoning a future where both coalesce in poetic harmony. Engage, ponder, and lose yourself in this transformative literary adventure.